Garreth Tinsley CV

Garreth Tinsley Curriculum Vitae 2014
Garreth Tinsley Curriculum Vitae 2014

Garreth Tinsley’s Curriculum Vitae



Just a quick and cheeky post to hopefully get myself listed on google ;-). (SEO baby!)

If you’re looking for my CV, here it is

CV_GTinsley-8_engineering [PDF] [Microsoft Word On-line Viewer] [CV and Acheivements bundle, Word Online Viewer]

It goes a little something like this (first page only):


Now, I’m sick of the sight of my own name, so Hi JT, thanks for hosting this ridiculously self-promoting post on your blog!

2 thoughts on “Garreth Tinsley CV”

  1. Spelling errors in Necessary and Achievements.

    Have a good one.
    *grammar nazi salute*

  2. Yeah, I noticed that a few days ago. Corrected in the online version. I’m just updating the one here now.
    eek! Thanks 🙂

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