Systemd is the stupidest piece of stupid brain-dead init software ever invented.

A tale, in a log.
systemd: BOOTING !
systemd: Oh noes! /var needs fscking! let’s drop into emergency shell
systemd: Emergency shell! You should check out the log. It’ll totally tell you something pointless that’ll send you on a wild goose chase for half an hour.
systemd: Oh, by the way, I mounted /var cos I want to log there, and I won’t unmount it for you in emergency shell, cos that’s just helpful.
systemd: What, wait, you’re not going to use SysV are you? No, don’t touch tha<URK>
SysV: Booting.
SysV: Oh noes! /var needs fscking! Let’s try fscking it for you …
SysV: /var failed. needs manual intervention. Here’s an emergency shell. Not with /var mounted because I’m not a moron of a boot loader.
SysV: What’s that, you’ve fixed it? Oh, you can reboot with “shutdown -r now”, it’s fine, I won’t force you to use my own internal reboot command, because we’re all adults here.

*sigh*. Can I get those 2 hours of my life back please?

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