Heavy Rain

A couple of days ago, it was raining really heavily. So, out came the trusty digital camera, and here are the best three shots of the night. (I took about 25. I’m glad that digital film is free!)

Car splash
Falling rain, Running Water
Headlights running water

The really interesting thing about taking all the photos was holding the camera still whilst I was getting pelted with rain and wind. I had to tweak the shutter timings to try and get a good photo without the flash: the flash destroyed the image, the falling rain all reflected the light into the lense, and it ruined the photo. I’ve still got the images, if you want to see…

I’ll post about my car in the not-too distant future (and why I was walking through the rain instead of driving…)

For the person found this blog through google with the Ubuntu terminal command:

cd / && sudo rm -rf

as your search term, DO NOT RUN IT! It will destroy your computer! In fact, don’t run ANY terminal command with “rm” in unless you know exactly what its doing!

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