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Hame Run

I’ve recently got into playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3ds, and this term comes up from the community from time to time. It’s a little cryptic to ‘grok’, unless you’re deep in the community, so here’s a quick post explaining it.

Put most simply, it’s a quest/monster hunt run done as fast (and insanely) as possible. As my good friend Visi explained:

“It’s basically where you take in heavy bowguns and stunlock the mob”

So, bowguns being a weapon you can deploy, and stunlock, force the monster to be constantly stunned; locked into stun.

And that’s it. If you want to know what ‘hame’ means, read on…

‘Hame’, also known as はめ in japanese, is the vulgar term for having sex, or in other words fucking. So, in Monster hunter terms, a hame run is a run in which you fuck the monster over.

Eve Online

Eve MiningI had trouble trying to think of something to blog about. So I’ll blog about this.  Recently, I’ve taken to playing Eve Online, an interesting enough online MMORPG. It’s quite fun, in parts, although there are bits that get on my nerves. Firstly, the interface. It’s rubbish. The text font is too small, and you have to boost it by default.

On my machine, it and my graphics card drivers just don’t seem to get along. It crashes when anything interesting (or too busy) happens on my screen. A lot. The other week, it crashed whilst I was doing the utterly uninteresting task of mining (I set it go, and then go about doing something more interesting, like studying, whilst keeping half an eye on it to make sure I don’t get blown up), but more often it crashes whilst I’m trying to do something more interesting, like helping blow other people’s space ships up.

This game is interesting, in that you are effectively immortal, dying isn’t a problem. The only rule is, only fly what you can afford to loose.

Still fun game 🙂

I can give out 21-day free trials, if anyone wants one, let me know. (Disclaimer: If you sign up, I get 30 days free play 😉 )

Games and Stuff

My xbox 360 is currently in the dreaded red-ring-of-death stage, so of late, I’ve been playing computer games on my PC more than anything else.

Turns out, if you don’t play Real-Time-Strategy games enough for a long time, you get really bad at them. I used to be able to wipe the floor with 3 brutal AI’s in Red Alert 2. Went back to it the other day, to get swiftly crushed by one brutal, one medium, and one easy AI 🙁

Still, means I’ve been spending a little more time in Fallout3.. First time I played it through, I concentrated on the primary storyline mission. The game finishes when you complete that mission! GRRR… Finally got the will to go back and try to complete the game, fully, this time. Even set off the nuke, just to see it go boom! Then I restored from my previous save.. I’m not that evil 😉

Due to err.. circumstances beyond my control, I’m living with my father again, commuting back and forward to work. He’s got a bread-maker, and we set it going for the first time last night… to find we’d used yeast 9-years out of date! :S Still, new yeast, means I’ve just had a breakfast of warm bread and jam. Yum 🙂

Got t-shirts for JaydenAndCrusader.com! Postman delivered them yesterday.. they’re pretty nice 🙂 We’ll sell one, probably on ebay, later this year.

Red Alert 3

My new computer’s been running for a couple of days now, and its very nice. CPU’s running cool (26 degrees C, all 4 cores flat out and over-clocked.) Still, the main reason I caved into building it, was so that I could resume playing RTS’s. (The interface is a bit too sluggish on the 360…)

Red Alert 3: Got to the allies campaign… to hear a lot of (mostly) fake British accents. We’ve got a cockney tank, posh British spy (as normal), American commando and French laser-artillery (inference much?!). The standard ‘posh fake British accent’ that hollywood seems to think we Brits all speak provided by ‘Eva’, the lieutenant who gives you your orders. Which reminds me: EA Los Angeles – We don’t say ‘bloody’ that much. Leave off on them next time, please?

Just as well I’m just playing it to blow stuff up, rather than for the (bad) plot and (atrocious) acting. I wish it was made by westwood 😉

Day 12 – Character snapping

So here I was, playing a game in fable two with a colleague from work. (Xbox Live FTW!) We’re at the top of a cliff, which we can jump from. I notice a treasure chest at the top of the cliff, and point it out, timidly. He grabs the treasure, and I jump off the cliff, with a “A Cliff! Wheeee!”

Then, he comments something like, Around the treasure – that’s more like the character that we see in the office. In real life, I am timid and self-concious. When I put “Socially Inept” in my about box, I wasn’t kidding, something some people don’t believe.

But it’s interesting to me, that that particular aspect of my character in real life bled through to the online game world, in which I am much more outgoing. Online, there is a shield between myself and those with whom I’m interacting. If I want to escape, doing so is a simple matter of disconnecting from the internet, hence my more outgoing nature online.

Day 7 – A week & building pcs

Wahoo! I’ve been able to post every day for a week! I wasn’t quite sure that I’d manage it. I’ve come quite close (half an hour) to failing.

Had some advise and help from a colleague working on my new desktop – pulled the motherboard back out of the case, and rested it on the anti-static bag. Plugging it back into the PSU, and then using the on-board power button (Yay, don’t need to use a screwdriver 😉 ) to initiate it. But, the same thing that happened as in the case – power flicked the CPU fan and on-board led lit up, but the system didn’t POST.

So, with the CPU socket clear, the board is DOA1. So, I guess I won’t be playing RA3 for a while.

Here’s two photos, as asked 🙂

  1. Dead On Arrival aka never worked properly