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Heavy Rain

Dad has a water-barrel system setup. The other night, it chucked it down with rain and as luck would have it, both I and my brother were at dad’s flat. Enough water came down that the overflow on the second barrel couldn’t cope, so dumped water out the side.

Photo taken with flash

Photo taken with flash

The perspex panes in the top are to let light through – there is two fish, a couple of mussels, and a few water snails in the green barrel. The fish like eating the mosquitoes who think that the barrel is a brilliant place to keep their larvae ;). Click on the image for the full-size version 🙂

Secondary overflow

Taken with the help of my brother, and a torch


A while back, we had a tonn of snow in the UK. Remember that? Well, whilst the Ubuntu-UK lot are off enjoying the release parties here, I’m stuck at home. So I decided to finally upload at least one of the photos I’ve taken of late. In fact, these the best of the few photos I’ve taken. Somehow, taking photos in London doesn’t seem as fun, or rewarding, as taking them in the middle of nowhere, in Wales.

So, for your pleasure, here they are:

The road I used to live on, Ealing.

The road I used to live on, Ealing.

The main road in West Ealing.

The main road in West Ealing.


Yay! I’ve finally finished tinkering with my photos. Unfortunately, because my camera decided to take a number of them in low resolution, I wasn’t able to make them all post worthy, so they’ve been consigned to a digital blackhole. (Some of these are on the borderline…)

I went wandering before I left Wales. This is one of the photos I took then. Click on it to see the flickr page (where you can view a bigger version by clicking “all sizes” and then “Origional”)

The Ubuntu Hardy Release party. Andrew Oakly had this brilliant idea to make name tags for us all. Shame they were a little small… And mine kept falling off. Oh well, still a good idea 🙂

Ubuntu Hardy Release party

The train, after coming home from the release party. Sorry about the rubbish quality, this was the best of the lot, and my camera for some reason decided to take a number of really low resolution shots. That’s the second time its done that, and I still don’t know why it does it…


Empty street. Again, my camera being stupid. You can, if you look carefully, see the jpeg compression it used to store the image. I’d love to be able to justify buying an SLR!


Constructive critique highly appreciated 🙂