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WordPress Cookie names

Here’s a list of cookies WordPress sets when you log in. Because I can’t find this list anywhere on the net and I need it.

wp-postpassUsed to allow access to password-protected posts
wp-forgotUsed during password resets
wordpress_[HASH]Admin panel auth cookie
wp-settings-3Settings cookiewp-settings-time-3 — settings cookie
wordpress_test_cookiecookie used to test that wp can set cookies. Honestly guys, really?
wordpress_logged_inAnother Auth cookie

Move Complete :)

My blog’s move is finally complete 🙂

As I said, my new RSS feed is available from https://kirrus.co.uk/feed/

With the move, my commenting system is now open, and does not require registration. Be patient for comments to be posted – the first time you post, your comment will be moderated. Also, I have a set of spam filters that may be a little too exacting; if a comment hasn’t gone up after a while feel free to contact me.

As well as the blog move to WordPress, had all three interviews. On the final interview I was offered the job and I accepted it. I started two days after the interview (thursday). Yay! Currently, my commuting time is a total of 5 hours a day, so I’m already thinking about moving closer to the office.

Interview – I had to take a brief test, which was interesting. The first section was grammar, one of which we had to find what was wrong with “LCD Display” and “PIN number”. Later, it turned out, that the website of the company which I’m now working at has a very similar error, with “ZDR reboot”. Fun fun.

I will be working on a theme for this blog shortly – this is a stock “K2” theme. I saw that elwoodicious is using K2, and it seems to be quite handy 🙂 (Look at the footer for a link to info about K2)

Photographs – My memory card reader is ready and waiting next to my laptop for me to download another batch of photos from my camera, so the next post will be the best out of that batch.

Computer – I’m back on my laptop, because my new hard-drive has failed in a very similar way to the old one. I’m guessing that theres’ a problem with the PSU or SATA PCI control card.