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London wander 2011 photos #1

I’ve finally downloaded all the photos I took whilst wanding around london for half a day. The majority are rubbish, but a few are quite interesting.

Let’s start with a couple of street scenes. I’ll hopefully post some more sooner or later 🙂

Street scene, laptop, pub, walking

Just need to finish this...

Please don't ticket me! Man, I really hate wardens. I only stopped for a minute to get an ice cream!


A while back, we had a tonn of snow in the UK. Remember that? Well, whilst the Ubuntu-UK lot are off enjoying the release parties here, I’m stuck at home. So I decided to finally upload at least one of the photos I’ve taken of late. In fact, these the best of the few photos I’ve taken. Somehow, taking photos in London doesn’t seem as fun, or rewarding, as taking them in the middle of nowhere, in Wales.

So, for your pleasure, here they are:

The road I used to live on, Ealing.

The road I used to live on, Ealing.

The main road in West Ealing.

The main road in West Ealing.