Anaconda/Spyder Python IDE Not launching [SOLVED]

If you’ve just installed Anaconda / Spyder IDE (available here for personal use) in Windows find it’s not launching, and neither is the Anaconda launcher, and you have a previous installation of Python e.g. Python 2+<3, remove Python 2.X from your Windows PATH variables and retry opening it.

To do this, right click on ‘My Computer’,
select Properties to bring up System Properties and
click ‘Advanced System Settings’.
Agree to the UAC prompt and click ‘Environment Variables’ then look for Python references anywhere, edit and delete as required.

Retry launching Anaconda/Spyder and it will now work.

If this doesn’t work, open a command prompt (Type cmd/enter from the start menu), navigate to the Anaconda installation (in Windows 10, ‘cd c:\programdata\anaconda3\” and try launching anaconda or spyder (.\scripts\spyder.exe) and noting any error messages that appear which can then be googled for the relevant fixes.

Hope this helps!


5 thoughts on “Anaconda/Spyder Python IDE Not launching [SOLVED]

  1. Eduardo Garcia Julian

    Yes, it works perfectly. Thanks

    I deleted both python and spyder references

  2. Aleksandar

    I install Spyder 5.4.3 on windows 10 64 bit . But when I try to start application
    after few seconds and some Spyder info widnows on screen application won’t start.
    Last I see on screen before go back on windows is comaptibility check window
    I try to uninstall and install gaain Spyder.
    But same thing happen. Whats the problem?

  3. garreth Post author

    Hi Aleksandar, that’s a head scratcher for sure!
    I haven’t had that problem myself, but it would be worth launching the application from the command line, as it may output error messages.
    1. Open the folder it’s installed to (either where you extracted it, or likely somewhere in C:\program files\ or C:\program files (x86)\
    2. Find the relevant application file (exe file)
    3. Hold the shift key and right click the application file
    4. Select ‘Copy as path’
    5. Start+R
    6. type in cmd and hit enter
    7. Right click inside the cmd window to past (or hit Shift+Insert), and hit enter
    8. Note down and try googling any errors you see.

    The program may also generate log files somewhere, so it would be worth having a look around for them. They’d usually be .log or .txt files which can be opened in ntoepad (drag and drop to a notepad window, or use file open for a .log file).

    Good luck, and please comment back on how you got on or what fixed it in the end!


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