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6 Random Photos

I decided it was about time I made another camera card-dump. I also picked a couple of pictures out of my archives and uploaded them. If you can guess the location of any of these, comment here or on the flickr photo page! (Virtual cookies for anyone whom gets it right!)
But no cheating, if you know me in person, and know where these are, don’t say anything 🙂

All photos are under the Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike licence. Click on the photos to go to the flickr page. Enjoy!

Steam Railway

Went to a steam railway somewhere in Wales for the day (April 2007), with my cousins. There was a marquee with a wooden floor there.. on which somebody had at some point stuck an Ubuntu sticker! They certainly get around 🙂

This is the bottom of a hose used to refill the steam engines with water. It dribbles a bit all the time, whilst the railway is active. Was a really sunny day, light enough that the shutter time was quick: 0.004 sec (1/250th of a second).

Steam Engine Hose dribble

I then took a photo (second one) of the puddle where this water was going. Wind was blowing it about a bit, took a couple of shots to get a really nice one. Again, really sunny day helped, shutter time was 0.004 sec again

Steam Engine Puddle

Welsh Ponds

My grandparents came and visited me last year. (I have photos of them, but I’m not putting them on the ‘net.) We went and visited a fairly famous place in Wales. If you’re welsh, I would be VERY surprised if you haven’t visited here at least once. Not sure you’ll work out where this is from this photo though. Didn’t spend long there, just enough time to get this photo and have a bite to eat in the cafe.

Welsh Ponds

Christmas 2007

I’ve not many photos of Christmas just gone, because as mentioned, I managed to leave my camera behind when I left Wales for my family home. Anyway, I have a certain urge that fills me every Christmas. never acted on it, never will, but I want to find and use a pair of wire-cutters every time I see garden decorations. Don’t know why, but I do. This particular example has a very visible wire, and I saw it quite regularly over Christmas.

Christmas Sleigh

Night Shots

As you may have noticed, I quite like taking photos at night and in the rain. Well, both of these fill the “night” slot, and one of them also fills the “rain” slot. (It was more like torrential downpour, but there we go.. shame you can’t see it on the photo.)

Cold night, dark, walking home. The water on the road is runoff from the (large) hill about half a mile down the road. Sorry about the blurryness of this photo (the larger version is even worse.) Shutter time on this one was 0.3 sec (3/10ths of a second)

Empty Road

And last of all, this one I took tonight (3rd of Feb). During the torrential rain that stopped me walking to Church this evening. My camera went a little odd on this one, and didn’t take it in its full high-resolution, so there’s not a bigger version, I’m afraid. Shutter time was 0.125 sec (1/8th of a second). I overrode the camera to shorten the shutter time, else it would have been too long, and I’d have ended up with a blurred mess.

Dark Street in the Rain
Hope you liked all those. All comments & constructive critique would be appreciated 🙂