I hate book study.

I really hate studying from a book. My learning style is much more practial hands on. My mind just does not want to read and make notes on this boring technical book, and I can’t keep myself from getting side tracked.

Case in point, Page 235 of my LPCI 1 text book (awful by the way, don’t get LPIC-1 in depth by Michael Jang, its useless, honestly), I decide to browse through my photo archive after I pulled that shot out yesterday. And this is what I came up with:

sunset photo, taken 20th april 2007 in Wales, UK.

Click to see full size image

Right, mind. Back to shell scripting. (While loops.)

4 thoughts on “I hate book study.

  1. N Mailer

    Try to read the book in the bath. Reading maths textbooks in the bath was how I got my good grade in GCSE maths, as our teacher had basically given up teaching us.

  2. Garreth

    Hehe ‘s why I never read about shell scripting nless it was something i was using at that time – it makes it a lot easier to learn if you’re actually using. SO write some actual scripts 🙂

    Of course that’s to leave out a whole debate about the instant nature of knowledge these days, glazing over the value of real lasting knowledge and deep understanding…but i guess that’s why I’m at uni isn’t it…? lol

  3. n1md4

    I always studied maths until 2 in the morning by candle light, whilst listening to my Dad’s collection of Classical music.

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