Cycle Photo

5 miles 30 minutes. Drink. Photo. Breathe. 5 miles 20 minutes.

Click on each photo for a full-size version. There are some stunning ones (in my biased opinion) a little way below.

New Bike

half-full bottle of water, and a backpack


bridge over river

Hidden spiders web

Hidden spiders web, didn't see it till I opened the image at home

blury river framed by wire fence

cloudy river & water-plants

manhole cover rusting

Cloudy Sky

midday sun

13 thoughts on “Cycle Photo

  1. Kirrus Post author

    Thanks, both 🙂 I put the best one last, to see who would actually scroll down 😉

    Constructive criticism always welcome

  2. Garreth

    I was gna buy a specialised bike with skinnier tires. But it was soo shiiny, I figured it was more likely to get nicked. I hope you don’t lock that badboy anywhere public – the same place regularly, or anywhere for over about 2hours!
    And please tell me you have it data tagged, have the serial no off the frame and get the police to acid mark the frame?

    Anyway, have you bought a new camera too, u jammy so and so? 😛

  3. N Mailer

    Good photographs. I see it’s the same route I’ve run. You should do some creative photography near the prison and its turbine – lots of opportunities for interesting shots there.

  4. Kirrus

    @Garreth, no, same old Ixus 60 🙂
    No, not datatagged, or acid marked, and I don’t have the serial no.

    I do have a very expensive lock though, and there are some very public places I can lock it up in town 🙂

    @N Mailer, thanks. Aye, though I can’t take the bike down the cycle path on slicks, I would probably have 3 punctures half-way through 😉

  5. Aaron

    What kind of camera have you got and did you do any post processing? I was just going to download the image and see if the metadata was intact but I don’t have time before work so I thought I’d leave a comment instead 🙂

    Great photos though, I especially like the last one, although the reflection shots are amazing and so are the macro type shots 🙂 Do you have Flickr?

  6. Aaron

    Added as a contact on Flickr 🙂

    Unprocessed? Nice one… I thought for sure there was some editing trickery going on in that last one.

    Definitely not bad with a point and shoot, I often struggle to get such great shots with my Nikon D90 DSLR 😛

  7. Kirrus Post author

    All these are processed, but you can see them unprocessed on flickr 🙂
    You can really see it, if you look at the edges of the bounce-water one here- I blurred it, and you can see the selection line

  8. Aaron

    Ah I can see it now, still the unprocessed ones are pretty stunning straight from the camera… I often need to do some form of post process… But some come out nice first time 🙂 Night photography is my most recent fave 🙂

  9. Garreth

    Nice pics. I’ll have to checkout theunprocessed ones.

    But seriously bro, get it datatagged (it’s about £15) and police marked (free), and for the love of sanity write/photograph the frame number!!

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