Book Review – Hornet’s Nest, Patricia Cornwell & others

It’s probably about time I got around to tapping out another book review post. So, here goes.

Hornets Nest – Patricia Cornwell

I’ve just finished this one. It’s an interesting book, although slightly confused. It starts off with a serial murder, introducing the main antagonists slowly. The murders, however, are not the books real aim, you know ‘who-dun-it’ by 75% of the way through. It’s more a social/character discourse, with elements of romance mixed in.

The book does start slow, because of the focus on inital character building. However, it doesn’t grab me as similar books have, I assume because I have already become too used to that world, so am not being introduced to much I’ve no experience of.

The book did annoy me though, for one abuse of technology-speak. Yes, techy-speak may be confusing for those not used to it, but email is not passed through more than two UAs, and normally no more than 2 MTAs; a UA is a User Agent, i.e. your email client, so Outlook, Thunderbird, or your web-mail. MTA stands for Mail Transfer Agent, and is one of the computer programs email is passed through as it transits the internet. Specific abuse stems from trying to fill out a 1-dimensional computer tech character.

The book finishes on a slightly strange note, murders solved, good guys slightly victorious (with requisite battering), but the relationships we’ve been following throughout not yet tied off or stable. I assume this is leading to a possible follow up book, but it just annoys me. It’s one reason I like Elizabeth Moon’s work, she does tie up immediate stuff, and leaves characters stable, whilst allowing the greater narrative to hang for the next book.

It’s a good enough read, though not one I’d particularly recommend or lambast.

Killashandra – Anne Macaffrey

This is the second in a trilogy from one of the masters of sci-fi/fantasy. It’s basically a sci-fi romance, but the story is enthralling. One in my permanent collection, this would have been a third re-read. Follows Killashandra as she leaves Ballybran to save a lover’s life, gets caught up in planetary political wrangles, and finds a love she’ll never forget. If you’ve not read this series, and are into Sci-Fi, I’d recommend picking it up. First in the series is ‘Crystal Singer’, Killashandra is followed by the finale, ‘Crystal Line’.

Devil May Care – Sebastian Faulks (As Ian Flemming)

Meh. I finished this book in a day. It’s not a hard read. I saw one of the major twists coming too early, and it’s a pointless boring twist. I can think of at least 3 different better ways to finish this plot.

Basically, read if you want another bond story, but don’t expect it to be a particularly challenging or rewarding read. Of course, the good guys win, but I do like in when they win in a bit more style!

That’s the books I’ve read this week. Now I’m starting to run out of fresh ones. I’m going to be mainly re-reading stuff I guess. Any suggestions in what to look out for gratefully received. Sci-Fi/Fantasy is my preference, but I’ll read almost anything apart from horror. (And mills and boon types.)

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