Linux Beep Music #2

So I just noticed that our beep music post has become popular enough to have been reddited, and used as a source in a video!

So thanks for that guys and girls of the interwebs! I almost feel appreciated!

In recognition, I thought I’d list our referrers, and possibly some beep music. Maybe we can become a repository for this kind of stuff.


#0 So you have a shiny new Raspberry Pi, and you want to make some noise?

You can in fact make beep music on the raspberry Pi!
All you need is a Piezo thingy (transducer or beeper or whatever it’s called)
(Available from Maplin in the UK: 3v ceramic Piezo transducer only £1.29 as of 2/2/14!!)

Thanks to Kronalias (is that a linux reference there? `alias kron=’crontab’`)?


#1 Here’s a video from smeezekitty on youtube:

From the comments: running beep music on a 486!

Yep that’s code from our last post being run!

Reminds me of this old beastie of JT’s:

IBM Thinkpad 380z

Still working in 2014! I am in fact a IBM Thinkpad 380z with a PII processor, 64mb of ram, and most inexplicably a 40GB hard drive. I also have a very loud beeper which will hurt your ear if you are next to me when it goes off. Lucky i have a volume knob.

I will definetely try all the beep codes that have been submitted in the comments so far on this awesome machine, and I promise to make a video of it if I get three more beep-songs to add to our beep music tracks. (I might even make an Album…on tape cassette [if i can find one haha], or maybe just put it onto a floppy disk if and mail it to you guys [if i can find one that works ROTFL])

#2 The redditors of the web have heard of us!

It must be true if there’s a screencap of it!

Popularity!! and i'm certainly condering repository of beep music. Probably a wiki though.

and i’m certainly condering repository of beep music. Probably a wiki though.

#3 We were linked to on Stackoverflow

I can’t be figged to give you that link or clip an image, so here’s a link to another source posted.

Ubuntuforums: What is your favourite ‘beep’ song?

#4 Bleep music in the Blogosphere: Blog post: Davidak is playing with beep music

I have no idea what he’s playing as my laptop speakers are bust! I can’t be held responsible it’s rude, honest!

Musik mit BEEP (Linux) from davidak on Vimeo.


#5 Axel Foley – Beverly Hills cop

Credit to ? Øyvind Hvidsten at Bolt Blog for his post – fun with beep
He has both the Axel Foley theme tune (listed below) and also Beethoven’s Für Elise.

beep -f 659 -l 460 -n -f 784 -l 340 -n -f 659 -l 230 -n -f 659 -l 110 -n -f 880 -l 230 -n -f 659 -l 230 -n -f 587 -l 230 -n -f 659 -l 460 -n -f 988 -l 340 -n -f 659 -l 230 -n -f 659 -l 110 -n -f 1047-l 230 -n -f 988 -l 230 -n -f 784 -l 230 -n -f 659 -l 230 -n -f 988 -l 230 -n -f 1318 -l 230 -n -f 659 -l 110 -n -f 587 -l 230 -n -f 587 -l 110 -n -f 494 -l 230 -n -f 740 -l 230 -n -f 659 -l 460


#6 And finally, some beep music. From the comments on Linux Beep Music, ‘Easy Mitrontix Billing’

(I have no idea how that passed the spam filter, but I’m glad it did).
He submitted the following, including note frequencies – now I can translate any song!!!
Maybe I’ll write a bash script to automatically do that given the notes interactively.

“Mission Impossible Song.

#Note Frequency



beep -f $G -l 250
beep -f $G -l 500
beep -f $G -l 250
beep -f $G -l 250

beep -f $A1 -l 250
beep -f $C -l 250
beep -f $G -l 250
beep -f $G -l 250
beep -f $G -l 250
beep -f $G -l 250
beep -f $F -l 250
beep -f $F1 -l 250
beep -f $G -l 500
beep -f 10 -l 500

beep -f $G -l 250
beep -f $G -l 500
beep -f $G -l 250
beep -f $G -l 250

beep -f $A1 -l 250
beep -f $C -l 250
beep -f $G -l 250
beep -f $G -l 250
beep -f $G -l 250
beep -f $G -l 250
beep -f $F -l 250
beep -f $F1 -l 250
beep -f $G -l 500
beep -f 10 -l 500



(i’ve been writing too many technical document recently!)

I couldn’t find Chop Suey in beep music, but with the work done in #3, it shouldn’t be too hard to translate!

Next time I’ll have to compose something entirely new!!



6 thoughts on “Linux Beep Music #2


    Hey I just noticed you linked back to my video.
    Cool. I love beep music. I think the beep command having a frequency argument is kind of just begging for it.

    I guess I am a little late posting this (10 months)

  2. garreth Post author

    Yeah, I thought I’d bring everything together. If I ever get some free time I’ll make a listing of songs haha

  3. garreth Post author

    Thanks shoenix! Looks like we’re getting a full collection! Next we’ll have to make a media player for it all lol

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