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First Class Trouble: Crash and game logs

You can find Crash Logs from the game First Class Trouble here:

You can get there quickly by opening a file browser (hit START + E at the same time), copy that line, and paste it into the address bar;

Crashes *should* pop up a window asking for permission to send to devs when the game crashes. If it doesn’t, you can always tweet them and see if they want the crash report 🙂

Gaming life

You know, I have tonns of games in my steam library, a bunch on Uplay, Origin I’ve never completed. Yet recently, all I’ve been playing has been a modded minecraft (oh man, did I ever get my money’s worth out of that £10 back in the day), Overwatch and Warframe. Ok well, one of out three being “recent” is better than nothing.

Minecraft, can’t play vanilla anymore. I yearn for a decent jetpack, computer item storage, nuclear reactor, mining lasers, builders wands. Just can’t go back. So much useful stuff. Been playing Agrarian skies II, which is good, just.. did the modpack creator not ever nerf so many useful tools.

Overwatch. Oh overwatch. I mainly play support, mercy healer. When you do well, no-one notices. When you do badly, you get shouted at. Much like life, really 😉  Mainly play competitive, just so I have a better chance to not die because my team runs away and leaves me to die. Just in the last day built a new tactic, telling me team when I’ve a resurrect ready! If they all go in and die on a spot, pushing past the enemy, I can just fly right in and pop, they’re all back up. It’s worked wonders to get us on some heavily contested points.

Warframe. The grind. So much grind. Undending grind. With some really stupid game modes as a garnish on the side. There’s an three-dimensional, in space mode, called Archwing. Most players seem to avoid these modes because are they ever janky. I really wish I’d been recording my last mission. It was to find, disable, and then protect a ship. After dying over, and over, because the ship has (almost) impervious shields, it managed to bug itself into an asteroid. On the downside, it made shooting it really hard. On the upside, the thing sat still enough we could just pump damage in till it finally died. Bigger upside, we had to defend the thing for 3 minutes. Honestly, could’ve just flown away and ignored it, nothing would’ve been able to kill it in that time.

It’s free to play, so the grind is kinda expected. I just wish it had a better tutorial. On first starting the game, you’re thrust into a story led set of quests that ‘unlock’ stuff in your ship. It’s.. honestly boring as all hell. Tutorials are normally bad, but to be locked into one that’s just plain dull.. I stopped playing for 6 months till friends managed to drag me back in.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, just can be downright dumb from time to time. The developers are constantly patching more stuff in, but don’t seem to be really helping with the grind. They’re also leaving old weapons and tools to rot, effectively, leaving them behind with other, better weapons.

A Ramble about Entropy and decay in the fallout universe (fallout 4)

Spoilers. Obviously.

This has been wandering around my head for awhile. The fallout universe is set primarily after the apocalypse happens, usually a few hundred years after the event. The primary cause was resource starvation and overpopulation; the result of unrestricted technology expansion and reliance on limited resources.

Sounds somewhat like our current society..

In fallout 4, you come across the institute. They are the only grouping with active technology expansion and thought, and what appears to be a fully active primary to tertiary industry tree — they get raw materials, process them (primary to secondary), and then provide services upon them (research & design). Politically speaking, they’re all nuts, but they’re the only group within the fallout universe operating a full tech tree. Everyone else is simply scavenging and repairing, not actually designing or building anything new. Eventually all the fusion cores will be dead, then how will you use power armor? Etc, etc.

Even diamond city in fallout 4, it’s nothing but a scavenged trading town. At best most populations will be living at medieval level technology.

Assuming that you’d want to ensure society stops the slow drift into the stone age that it’s in, you need a fully operational tech tree, you need primary industry.

Therefore, as a primary player character, the best choice in fallout 4 is to take over the institute, not destroy it. Of course, doing that means you are required to do some unpleasant things. I wish there were another way, a more peaceful way to take control of the institute.

Fallout 4 as a game is flawed, but it does make you think.