Day 12 – Character snapping

So here I was, playing a game in fable two with a colleague from work. (Xbox Live FTW!) We’re at the top of a cliff, which we can jump from. I notice a treasure chest at the top of the cliff, and point it out, timidly. He grabs the treasure, and I jump off the cliff, with a “A Cliff! Wheeee!”

Then, he comments something like, Around the treasure – that’s more like the character that we see in the office. In real life, I am timid and self-concious. When I put “Socially Inept” in my about box, I wasn’t kidding, something some people don’t believe.

But it’s interesting to me, that that particular aspect of my character in real life bled through to the online game world, in which I am much more outgoing. Online, there is a shield between myself and those with whom I’m interacting. If I want to escape, doing so is a simple matter of disconnecting from the internet, hence my more outgoing nature online.

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