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Day 15 – Photo-Journey

To the Ubuntu-UK Planet folks: This post has nothing to do with Ubuntu! Someone once mentioned that it was nice having photos come up on the planet, so I’ve directed this post there. If you don’t want me to send these posts, mail me. If you don’t get the “Day 15” thing, read this.

As my brother mentioned, today I headed back to London, ready to go to church tomorrow. I decided to take photos of my journey, in the middle of it.

I got to Victoria, and then I need to make my way across London to Paddington Station. Circle Line (My normal method) was closed, so I travelled across on the Victoria and Bakerloo lines.  By the time I got to victoria, I was feeling realy rough, and almost ready to throw up. I probably have a bug 🙁

Here begins the photos:

Regents Park tube station

Regents Park tube station

Apparently, we should “Trust our senses”. Almost feels like a war-time poster (one on the right). Anti-terror gone mad. (Remember those classics, “Your country needs YOU!” and “Loose lips sink ships”?)

Lunch-keeping water.

Lunch-keeping water.

Water bought at Victoria station, helped me keep my lunch where it belongs, as did:



Well, its an interesting way to keep your lunch, but it works, thankfully. Now I just hope that this bug is defeated by the end of Monday – ready for work on Tuesday!

I did see one interesting advert. Seems Mr Obama (President Elect of the United States of America) is on adverts on trains in London, UK. Strange!

Still, I was very happy when I saw my employer’s logo – journey almost over!

As usual, click on any image to see it in a higher resolution. If you want me to post any on flikr (in full resolution from the camera) let me know.


I’ve been running around on the Train & Underground system recently for my daily commute into work. (Currently 2 1/2 hours each way… I need to move closer ;))

Firstly, I much prefer Welsh trains. They have a conductor, who’s nice. The best experience I’ve had of a train in Wales, was of the conductor holding the train a couple of seconds to allow the ticket machine to finish processing my debit card and spit out my tickets. The best experience I’ve had in England, was a train that was on time.

I’ve not had a bad experience in Wales, but in England, I was once accosted by 5 toughs, whilst on the train and told to hand them my ticket. At this point I was travelling on a “Permit to Travel”, as there’s no ticket machine or office at my starting station. From the outset, they made me feel like I was a criminal. They phased me enough that I managed to miss my stop. I was late to work that day. Thanks, Southern Trains.

Last week, I had the lovely experience on the Tube, of having a guy sitting next to me lean across/against the seat divider enough that I couldn’t avoid him touching me. I find human contact uncomfortable in the extreeme unless I’m expecting it and I know whom its from well.

The photo is one I dug out of my archive. I will upload the full-size version to my flikr account if requested.