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Feats of Tweet

The old twitchhiker, the guy who got half-way around the world in 30 days (i.e. all the way to new zealand), just through people providing help on twitter for free, has started a new project. He’s called it “feats of tweet”. It looks like it could be quite impressive, and powerful. Here’s a brazenly stolen snippet from his sites FAQ:

What is a Feat of Tweet?

A Feat of Tweet is a goal, ambition, target or wish realised through the goodwill of the Twitter community.

Whose wishes and goals are we trying to fulfill? Yours. They may be personal in nature, or charitable. It may take the actions of dozens, even hundreds of tweeps to achieve a feat… or it it may take just one.

Continues here: http://featsoftweet.com/feats/faq/

They’re just getting started now, the website is still under construction! If you’re interested, you can find the site here: http://featsoftweet.com and the twitter feed here: http://twitter.com/FeatsofTweet. Right now, they want as many followers as possible, before the project goes active, so the first few feats have a good chance of getting off the ground 🙂