Fried Brain.

Of late, I’ve had a little bit of a fried brain, especially after working a full day. I’ve come close to total overload a couple of times, which is a scary experience, especially when you’re in the middle of a supermarket.

A couple of days ago, I also started loosing my grip on reality, a scary experience in any circumstance. I think It might have something to do with needing glasses – the headaches can be debilitating. (So far, reality loss was the only time I’ve used pain killers – I don’t like pills.)

Fun fun. Heading to my family home this weekend. Looking forward to it! Maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually get time to go out looking for something to photograph. That’ll make a change 😉

3 thoughts on “Fried Brain.

  1. garreth

    hey bro.
    I know what you mean (except about the reality thing, tho existenialism can be onset by tiredness and is interesting for at least a little while [I was in awe of the fact that we exist at all which was actually pretty cool]).

    My brain is banana mush ;). Nice pic btw. Looking 4ward 2cin ya, not so much tidying up ur room for ya [even if the mess is my fault :P].

    Um it’s mush yet i can still talk like a fool. It’s annoying i want to shut the hell up and yet people and their lives are so curious to me.
    Yet there is SOOO much sadness i see it makes me cry. Why the sadness? Why is everything so complicated? Why for the love of God why do people make life so complicated for themselves?

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