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Red Alert 3

My new computer’s been running for a couple of days now, and its very nice. CPU’s running cool (26 degrees C, all 4 cores flat out and over-clocked.) Still, the main reason I caved into building it, was so that I could resume playing RTS’s. (The interface is a bit too sluggish on the 360…)

Red Alert 3: Got to the allies campaign… to hear a lot of (mostly) fake British accents. We’ve got a cockney tank, posh British spy (as normal), American commando and French laser-artillery (inference much?!). The standard ‘posh fake British accent’ that hollywood seems to think we Brits all speak provided by ‘Eva’, the lieutenant who gives you your orders. Which reminds me: EA Los Angeles – We don’t say ‘bloody’ that much. Leave off on them next time, please?

Just as well I’m just playing it to blow stuff up, rather than for the (bad) plot and (atrocious) acting. I wish it was made by westwood πŸ˜‰

Strange contrasts

Went out after work today to go to a bible study, in Soho, London. To get to the study, I walked through one of the red light districts, my first time anywhere near one. After the lights, obvious moneyed chain stores and almost permanent daylight of the area just outside the tube station, the red light district was a massive contrast.

Reminds me of a conversation I had with a taxi driver yesterday evening. He was amazed that I refuse to have sex before I get married, even wanted to take me to a red light district, and not with the purpose of walking through it.

Was interesting standing outside after the study, handing out ‘tracts, watching the people hurry past. You get a lot of different types of peopleΒ  using the shortcut through the red light district, as well as people going into it to use it. Money, hard-worker, foreign, prostitutes, friends, family, partners. A real mix. Kind of describes london – a melting pot, but one that is more segargated by cultures than the words ‘multi-culturalism’ suggest, even in our own, existing class boundaries.

Day 17 – Failed

Argh! I failed the challenge. Managed to get caught up watching a film last night, and before I knew it, it was past midnight.

Had a good day yesterday though. Apart from someone’s computer refusing to install / run Ubuntu (looked something like memory errors. Should probably do a memtest on it).

I probably will drop my posting now – there’s not much point now that I’ve failed. I can’t belive I failed over half way through. So frustrating πŸ™

Day 15 – Photo-Journey

To the Ubuntu-UK Planet folks: This post has nothing to do with Ubuntu! Someone once mentioned that it was nice having photos come up on the planet, so I’ve directed this post there. If you don’t want me to send these posts, mail me. If you don’t get the “Day 15” thing, read this.

As my brother mentioned, today I headed back to London, ready to go to church tomorrow. I decided to take photos of my journey, in the middle of it.

I got to Victoria, and then I need to make my way across London to Paddington Station. Circle Line (My normal method) was closed, so I travelled across on the Victoria and Bakerloo lines.Β  By the time I got to victoria, I was feeling realy rough, and almost ready to throw up. I probably have a bug πŸ™

Here begins the photos:

Regents Park tube station

Regents Park tube station

Apparently, we should “Trust our senses”. Almost feels like a war-time poster (one on the right). Anti-terror gone mad. (Remember those classics, “Your country needs YOU!” and “Loose lips sink ships”?)

Lunch-keeping water.

Lunch-keeping water.

Water bought at Victoria station, helped me keep my lunch where it belongs, as did:



Well, its an interesting way to keep your lunch, but it works, thankfully. Now I just hope that this bug is defeated by the end of Monday – ready for work on Tuesday!

I did see one interesting advert. Seems Mr Obama (President Elect of the United States of America) is on adverts on trains in London, UK. Strange!

Still, I was very happy when I saw my employer’s logo – journey almost over!

As usual, click on any image to see it in a higher resolution. If you want me to post any on flikr (in full resolution from the camera) let me know.

New Keyboard

Ok, so Kirrus has just left – he was visiting home for a break and to get Christmas pressies lol.

He’s taken with him his Microsoft keyboard which I was using with my laptop and a second monitor, so now I need a new keyboard.

So I’ve looked around, and the best keyboard I could find quickly is made by…you’ve guessed it, none other than our arch nemesis – Microsoft. It’s a Microsoft Natural 4000 in actual fact (to save you having having to google the reviews).

Now I don’t mind buying a Microsoft keyboard if it is the best available, but I’m not so happy that my money is going to them – surely they have plenty already and they don’t seem to be using it to develop excellent operating systems.

So my point to you Ubuntu (Canonical) folks – Please start making (good, obviously) keyboards! I would much rather my money going towards the development of a competitor; into the development of Ubuntu!

And since I have made so many mentions of them, I feel I must balance it up. Every time any of the staff or students at the school I work complain of Viruses, I always suggest they would be better off using Ubuntu, from Canonical and many other individuals. Ubuntu is certainly maturing very nicely. I think it’s nearly ready. If only Ubuntu had an alternative Desktop management configuration system like it’s competitor. That would really make Ubuntu Rock.

Thanks Ubuntu and Cannonical, and all you ‘others’!

Day 14 – Nothing much of a day

Didn’t do too much today. Rolled a couple of things into it. Caught up with my rss feeds, updated my laptop. Switched the theme this blog is running on last night – someone complained that it was hard to read. I did mean to use the K2 framework to build a theme myself, but I’ve just not got round to it.

Sitting down to watch Borne Identity now… πŸ™‚

.. Some time later..

Just went and had a look at my Google Reader’s trend data. I’ve read 59 items today, of which 41 was posted today. I’m subscribed to 72 feeds. but by far the noisiest (at 18 items per day) is Planet Ubuntu.

.. even later ..

Upgrading twitter tools appears to have broken stuff. Its too late to fix it now, I’m off to bed.

Day 13 – On Holiday!

I’m off work today, and for the next few days. Trying to recover a bit from the move. Spent a bit of time at home, not doing much, and returned to my families home for a couple of days as a way to get out of London. (As much as you can when you get BBC London on your TV, and freeview from the transmitters at Crystal Palace…)

Its amazing how quite it is compared to there. I’ve had to put music on – I’m not used to it being so quiet all the time. I still wish I was back in Wales though… its so peaceful there. That country feels like it’s imprinted on me, the little I saw of it. I’ll probably never be free of it totally now.

Computer’s still in bits. May not be the motherboard at fault, but the PSU (unless they’ve sent me 2 dodgy Motherboards in a row.) I should probably look at RMA’ing my current one, but I’m more inclined just to order a new one. Not sure yet. Still, yoyotech have done nothing to improve my mood towards them. Shame. Maybe I’m just too picky…

Fable 2 & Firefly

I was playing Fable II last night, and got to a point where you rescue someone. The guy you rescue, looks exactly like Shepard Book out of Firefly & Serenity. In fact, he’s got almost exactly the same haircut as Book from the film. Not too much of a surprise, then, to find out the voice for that character is provided by Ron Glass, the guy who plays Shepard Book.

I am a fan of Firefly / Serenity. Not quite a browncoat, but not far off πŸ˜‰

Book Meme – popey isn’t the only one with a dry book on his desk

I noticed this meme last night, but I was just about hit the sack. Haven’t had a chance to put it up till now πŸ™‚

“Update systems can no longer assume that hosts are alive but must either chase after them until they reappear or be initiated by the host itself on a schedule, as well as any time it discovers that it has rejoined its home network.”

-The Practice of System and Network Administration (second edition) by Thomas Limoncelli, Christina Hogan and Strata Chalup.

To join in just follow the instructions below:

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open it to page 56.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don’t dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

Day 12 – Character snapping

So here I was, playing a game in fable two with a colleague from work. (Xbox Live FTW!) We’re at the top of a cliff, which we can jump from. I notice a treasure chest at the top of the cliff, and point it out, timidly. He grabs the treasure, and I jump off the cliff, with a “A Cliff! Wheeee!”

Then, he comments something like, Around the treasure – that’s more like the character that we see in the office. In real life, I am timid and self-concious. When I put “Socially Inept” in my about box, I wasn’t kidding, something some people don’t believe.

But it’s interesting to me, that that particular aspect of my character in real life bled through to the online game world, in which I am much more outgoing. Online, there is a shield between myself and those with whom I’m interacting. If I want to escape, doing so is a simple matter of disconnecting from the internet, hence my more outgoing nature online.

Day 11 – Things learnt / remembered from our support queue today

Slow day. Nothing really to report. I went to work, worked, had an Alexander lesson. Went with a colleague to pick up lunch, helped him out with his car. (What little I could, I’m not that good with cars πŸ˜‰ ) Last night I fixed my friends Comicpress install.

  • Uploading a .htaccess in any other format than plain text breaks your website.
  • If you run out of space whilst repairing a MySQL table, stop MySQL and copy the database’s files to a partition with spare space. Then sym-link (ln -s REAL_LOCATION OLD_LOCATION) the database back.
  • Going through a mysql slow query log is laborious tiring work, and you see many, many duplicates. You probably only have one or two queries slowing down your database. Use mysqlsla to analyze your logs, and quickly find duplicate problems.

In other news, are now on my blacklist of suppliers. If you promise to call me, then call me. There’s no way I’m going to have my new PC operational till Saturday. The only people I can put up with that behaviour for is BT, and even then I try to avoid them. (Makes me wish all companies had a 3-working-hour response time promise.)