Youtube Comments…

Paul: Q Ruled
Paul: There’s something very impressive about that clip
Paul: read the comments.
Paul: they’re youtube belmer free!! That’s stunning no “WAT IS THIS? THATS GAY!”
Johnathon: Probably the vidoes uploader has been doing some filtering
Paul: maybe
Johnathon: well, what’s the likelyhood that youtube has suddenly become a haven for well-spoken, well-mannered individuals? 😉
Paul: Some combination of incredibly unlikely events
Paul: a pig flying through hell as it freezes over during a blue moon at midnight
Paul: on feb 30th during a centenary leap year
Paul: the last bit is only once every 400 years

2 thoughts on “Youtube Comments…

  1. Crusader

    Perhaps it’s just that Star Trek fans aren’t homophobic?

    Or maybe they secretly like the idea of Q and Picard. I mean… stranger fanfiction was written.

  2. Kirrus Post author

    It doesn’t tend to matter what the video is, you still tend to get some very, very rude comments coming up, once you’ve got ~5k views. Oh, and thanks for giving me the link!

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