Dear Apache

Dear Apache. My idea of fun is not to find out about a missing log directory, when I test a website after a restart. My idea of fun would be for apache2ctrl configtest to actually, you know, work. Or, even better, don’t utterly die when you’re missing a log directory.


Dear Customer. Please make sure you remove apache configuration, when you delete your users. I don’t enjoy being woken at 6am because logrotate restarted apache. Athough, on the upside, at least I get paid for it.

2 thoughts on “Dear Apache

  1. Daviey

    I have to agree, configtest has let me down on more than one occasion. What is worse, is that apache init scripts don’t deal with the fail and decide because there is one issue – clearly you don’t want the other virtualhosts to start – with the broken one quarantined..

  2. Kirrus Post author

    Aye.. very annoying. Why, at least, doesn’t say something on startup?! That would be sane…

    Tempted to submit a bug & patch.. doubt it would get accepted though. One of my colleagues said he’d try patching configtest to work, don’t know how he’s got on..

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