Cook Me.

This is on my list of things to cook. Soon. Posting it here so I have *no* excuse. Instructions from a friend:

Visi: you should make the roast squash!
Visi: chop them in half, scrap out the seeds, score it with a grid, rub butter in, coat in salt and pepper and roast
Visi: put a lil bit of curry powder on near the end
Kirrus: temperature?
Visi: 180 I guess
Visi: whatever temperature you want!
Visi: takes a while but when you can shove a fork through it it’s done
Visi: *easily

3 thoughts on “Cook Me.

  1. Diziet

    Does your mate not remove the skin? Those thinks are armoured, I always cut it off, but if you don’t have to, wooo!

  2. Visi

    You eat it out of the skin like a bowl! Plus it softens up enough that you can eat it if you wanna.

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