6 thoughts on “Why should you not

  1. Crusader

    Rule #7 of the universe is that everything with a bikelock attached will be stolen the moment you look away.

    TBH I am surprised they didn’t nick the whole thing, but I suppose tht way is easier… you’re not walking around with a massive pair of secateurs

  2. Moa

    oh thank you, you’re sweet :]
    i’ve been asked to translate before, but i forgot.
    but now
    when you reminded me,
    maybe i will :]
    have a great week!

  3. Too His Glory

    Your bike would only be dust,something you know was there but is not.
    This would happen with you watching in L.A.California,USA.The times
    have changed in the fast couple of years.Was that your bike?

    God bless you

  4. Kirrus Post author

    Hi Too 🙂
    Nice to see you again!

    Luckily enough, no. I’ve not had a bike for a while 🙁
    Maybe when I next move…

  5. too his glory

    i like your new look.i have dsl

    i like your new look.i have supper fast,dsl but it does not work very good at times.hope i can stay on line this time.att is not so good,i am looking for a
    nother phone and dsl carrier.if you do not see me for a time you will know that
    it is this pc.

    God bless you

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