Must post before midnight…

Got to be quick. Today is the closest ie come to failing the challenge (using my brothers post earlier to give me a break, hope that doesn’t break the rules!

Today, used the east-coast train. Sat opposite to an older Irish lady, who looked like she had a lot of money, and seemed a little rude, the little I spoke to her. Don’t know if she was or not, it was very early in the morning. Then spent the rest of the day preparing a server, to move a site onto it in a rush this weekend. Kinda out-grown shared hosting all of a sudden, being a Christmas targetted website! Mine because I phoned the customer with the “we need to turn you off” call 😉 fun fun. Anyway must post. Cutting it fine!

2 thoughts on “Must post before midnight…

  1. Garreth

    It only counts if you help with my script 😛
    Are you sure i won’t start a flame war if i do a post about ubuntu/linuxes annoyances? Yesterday the iface wlan0 disconnected and then disappeared :@ gah

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