The effects of sleep deprivation

Or what happens when you have to stay up for 22 hours, because a server has suddenly decided it doesn’t like life, and would rather die, as I had to this morning.

Managed to recover it in the end, but this would be the downside of my job πŸ˜‰

Weak, managed to strain my legs, so both were aching, but oh, did bed feel nice when I got to crawling in!

In my case, sleep deprivation results in:

  1. getting sillier
  2. getting grumpy
  3. trouble accessing memories
  4. eye-hand co-ordination beginning to degrade

I guess, that over time, you can train yourself to deal with these sort of symptoms (though for me, being silly is a bit strange πŸ™‚ )

2 thoughts on “The effects of sleep deprivation

  1. Garreth

    Oddly i think i stayed up on the same day! (i sometimes wonder if sleeplessness affects people simultanously…spooky).

    5.Usual tolerances for decrease e.g. patience, distance judgment, balance
    6. lag between your eye and your brain – i’ve measured it upto half a second before (thank you metacognition)

    Off to make a cuppa now. Debating going to town to search for bacon sandwich mmmmmmm… no sleep last nigth

  2. Christopher Swift

    I’ve not been doing much myself lately neither, perhaps a total of 2 hours every 24 hours and here is a list of my symptoms for anyone interested in this subject.
    1) Language deterioration, both my English and my Welsh fail abysmally after being up too long. Such as a tendency to use “of” in place of “to” when it makes absolutely no sense or even get of and off mixed up entirely.
    2) Eye-ache, I am able to feel the layer of skin over my eye rubbing against my eyelid when I blink and damn it can sting at times which of course isn’t too good!
    3) Hyperactivity in the morning, despite a complete lack of resting, when waking up in the morning, I am like I’m on 500g of caffeine a night being able to jump up and do whatever the heck I need after 2 hours sleep.
    4) Aggression and sarcasm, in IRC and in real life, my sarcasm boosts ten-fold and I find it hard to hold my aggression against those that I don’t like too well when I haven’t slept.

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