4 thoughts on “UK Surveillance Plan to go ahead

  1. James

    Sounds like it is an effort to chill speech more than anything. But that said, might be time for a hard look at Tor and more encryption in all of our online lives. :-/

  2. Kirrus Post author

    Tor is only useful whilst your entry and exit points cannot be monitored. Since you’re browsing from a monitored connection, and hitting a monitored website, your identity can be revealed 🙁

  3. Carl Barron

    This over-surveillance is also a threat to Business.

    As I have said before, it is most likely that large International Companies, are becoming increasingly aware that all of their Business Transmissions through the UK are at risk, and important contracts may well be in jeopardy due to interception.

    There is also the fact that UK’s Big Brother may find he has an even Bigger Brother watching him. This surveillance and Data Collection Technology may already be being used by Counter Intelligence Services from other counties.

    As already disclosed many times via the media, the Data the Government does have is very loosely guarded. Laptops left in public places, CD discs, DVD Discs, and Pen Drives left in public places.

    To cap it all they still want to store more of our private and personal data.

    British National Security is becoming a bad joke at our expense.

    Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk

  4. Kirrus Post author

    The databases are mostly all still disparate, at the moment. There isn’t one, large, easily abused database. Hosters have to, by law, log information on outbound email (send time, send to, send from), but apart from that, it’s not too bad yet.

    This legislation won’t help though, and will cost a lot of money, as well as being pretty much pointless. I mean, when you can run your own jabber server easily, what is the point? You’d have to get ISPs to log all XMMP traffic, and then you’ve got a firestorm on your hands. (let alone who is going to pay for all that disk-space! Large quantities of data storage is still expensive.)

    More, this shows where the government want to go, they want Big Brother style centralised control. How better to control your population?

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