Low Carb Hot Chocolate

One of my bosses sent me this, his favourite easy recipe for a nice hot chocolate style drink. Saving it here so I remember to do it..

Half a tin of coconut milk in a saucepan.
Stir in as much cocoa as you want, and chunks of chocolate too, if you like it thick.
Add some xylitol to sweeten.
Pour into a mug.
Thick, astonishingly satisfying and good for you.

(Obviously, only pour into a mug once all the cocoa has mixed and chocolate melted – I use a whisk, and add a capful of vanilla essence too).

4 thoughts on “Low Carb Hot Chocolate

  1. necronomicon

    Have you got a fire TV yet? I bought one last weekend – Can’t believe the spec for the bucks.
    Going to mess about installing XBMC and then when I’m bored with that Linux (everything / anything) maybe.

  2. Kirrus Post author

    Hey Nec!

    No, I’m long beyond to the point I just want my tech to just work when I come home. Spending 2 hours fixing something annoying isn’t my idea of fun anymore… I get enough of fixing things at work 😉

    I sometimes play with cool tech, just because.. but it tends to be more geeky than just that 😉

  3. necronomicon

    Well consider it if you get bored – Check the specs. It’s a monster for the money. And it’s nice – Lots of oomph.

    Oh and I’d out geek you any day of the week BTW…… Hahaha

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