Project Teaser


Heres a little something that has come about from a related project I have built (and need to test)

Maybe I’ll write up both projects together!

Relevant hashtags #RaspberryPi #HTML5  #WS2812b

One thought on “Project Teaser

  1. Garreth Tinsley

    Hey, just a follow up, I actually finished this project.
    I ended up using an off the shelf solution to save time. (Why wouldn’t I, I am not a man of infinite time, and someone else did a very good job!)

    Hyperion is an excellent solution for controlling all types of digital RGB led through raspberry Pi gpio port.
    It’s a good idea to add a capacitor across the 5v power rail, and enclose the electronics in a box to prevent blowing stuff up.

    I hae the capacitor yet mine is exposed. Because i like to see how it works. I’ll probably accidentally blow something up sometime but that’s why I always buy two these days.

    Can’t stop me now xD

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