I’m a bookworm. I love curling up with a cup of tea and a  good book, to read.

So far at the moment, I’m re-reading two books, “The fifth elephant” – Terry Pratchett, and “Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone” by you know who 😉

Two books, because I got a bit into Terry Pratchett’s book, and then got bored, and I try to re-read Harry Potter every couple of years. Seems I am always re-reading it around Christmas.. 🙂

The majority of my books I get from charity shops. A few I get from, the rest I buy from amazon, or am given by relatives for christmas and birthday (The Company, by Max Barry was a Christmas present 🙂 )

Where do you buy your books?

One thought on “Books

  1. garreth

    I have ‘The Sentinel’ from Arthur C Clarke off your bookshelf, but I dunno if i can be bothered to start reading it lol.

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