Daily Archives: November 10, 2008

Day 10 – Well, that was fun. In a not-so-fun kinda way

So, I’m back to normal (ish) today. This weekend was interesting. My total awake count was 21 hours, till I got some sleep. Screwed up my bodyclock a bit, but I’ll be ok by the end of tomorrow.

Took the broken motherboard back to its originating shop in London today (http://www.yoyotech.co.uk). They’ll test it and let me know. I was half hoping they’d test it on the spot, but no such luck. So far they’ve not really impressed me – I probably won’t use them again unless I have to. (They’re website’s annoyed me too much – the ticketing system design is just plain clunky, and the session length is set stupidly low.)