Daily Archives: November 13, 2008

Day 13 – On Holiday!

I’m off work today, and for the next few days. Trying to recover a bit from the move. Spent a bit of time at home, not doing much, and returned to my families home for a couple of days as a way to get out of London. (As much as you can when you get BBC London on your TV, and freeview from the transmitters at Crystal Palace…)

Its amazing how quite it is compared to there. I’ve had to put music on – I’m not used to it being so quiet all the time. I still wish I was back in Wales though… its so peaceful there. That country feels like it’s imprinted on me, the little I saw of it. I’ll probably never be free of it totally now.

Computer’s still in bits. May not be the motherboard at fault, but the PSU (unless they’ve sent me 2 dodgy Motherboards in a row.) I should probably look at RMA’ing my current one, but I’m more inclined just to order a new one. Not sure yet. Still, yoyotech have done nothing to improve my mood towards them. Shame. Maybe I’m just too picky…

Fable 2 & Firefly

I was playing Fable II last night, and got to a point where you rescue someone. The guy you rescue, looks exactly like Shepard Book out of Firefly & Serenity. In fact, he’s got almost exactly the same haircut as Book from the film. Not too much of a surprise, then, to find out the voice for that character is provided by Ron Glass, the guy who plays Shepard Book.

I am a fan of Firefly / Serenity. Not quite a browncoat, but not far off 😉