Daily Archives: November 18, 2008

Strange contrasts

Went out after work today to go to a bible study, in Soho, London. To get to the study, I walked through one of the red light districts, my first time anywhere near one. After the lights, obvious moneyed chain stores and almost permanent daylight of the area just outside the tube station, the red light district was a massive contrast.

Reminds me of a conversation I had with a taxi driver yesterday evening. He was amazed that I refuse to have sex before I get married, even wanted to take me to a red light district, and not with the purpose of walking through it.

Was interesting standing outside after the study, handing out ‘tracts, watching the people hurry past. You get a lot of different types of peopleĀ  using the shortcut through the red light district, as well as people going into it to use it. Money, hard-worker, foreign, prostitutes, friends, family, partners. A real mix. Kind of describes london – a melting pot, but one that is more segargated by cultures than the words ‘multi-culturalism’ suggest, even in our own, existing class boundaries.