Day 11 – Things learnt / remembered from our support queue today

Slow day. Nothing really to report. I went to work, worked, had an Alexander lesson. Went with a colleague to pick up lunch, helped him out with his car. (What little I could, I’m not that good with cars 😉 ) Last night I fixed my friends Comicpress install.

  • Uploading a .htaccess in any other format than plain text breaks your website.
  • If you run out of space whilst repairing a MySQL table, stop MySQL and copy the database’s files to a partition with spare space. Then sym-link (ln -s REAL_LOCATION OLD_LOCATION) the database back.
  • Going through a mysql slow query log is laborious tiring work, and you see many, many duplicates. You probably only have one or two queries slowing down your database. Use mysqlsla to analyze your logs, and quickly find duplicate problems.

In other news, are now on my blacklist of suppliers. If you promise to call me, then call me. There’s no way I’m going to have my new PC operational till Saturday. The only people I can put up with that behaviour for is BT, and even then I try to avoid them. (Makes me wish all companies had a 3-working-hour response time promise.)

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